Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot trip picks

Hot trip #1 : Comfy shoes
  • Even though comfy shoes bunyinya macam sneakers, selipar or beach sandal, bt for me, for sure tak kan meninggalkan high heel or wedges. Kalau nak pergi pantai, selalunya saya akan beli the new one at the selipar stall along the beach. Good for my feet, and good for the memories.

Hot trip #2 : Wearable and easy-to-match apparel
  • Bring the suitable colour that match the shoes and hat.
Hot trip #3 : The multifunctional swimwear

Hot trip #4 : Handy, trandy bags
  • Knapsack and sling bag would be better. The more pockets and zippers, the better!)

Ok bye. Jumpe lagi.

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