Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buffet lunch @ Hotel Equatorial

Hi guys! 
Saya rasa dah terlampau lama saya tak menjengah masuk ke blog kedua saya ni. Saya still sayangkan blog ni even I still searching some perfect ways to have a perfect vacation. So, let's move on our topic today : Buffet lunch @ Hotel Equatorial

We should skip the intro which I had introduced this on my awek tocang. So, let's tasting the best food ever at this hotel.

Assume that I tried to have a balance portion.

Same goes to Along.

Well, you still have to book even tak ramai orang in case some office nak buat lunch meeting ke ape kan.

And still... Can choose where you want to sit also.

And I chose something like this untuk gapkan sekejap kemualan perut dengan makanan berat. Actually dried fruit tu takde lah sedap, but still it is chocolate kan?

And this.

Okay, now let's move to the area of our dining area tu.

Ah-ha! Ni tempat for sweeties and smoothies.


Small portion for appetizer. You HAVE to try their kupang!

Yeah.. You choose!

Along's favourite, and now... also my favourite!

Jangan tengok lama-lama, nanti tak habis makan.

Anyhow, before we went back with the fullest tummy ever, saya sempat la nak meratah 3 foods above ni. 

You know what, their grilled beef is awesome!

Overall view of the restaurant. You'll walk like a queen!

Yes, the queen!

Posing cam gengster.

Bye bye Equatorial! Jumpa lagik!

Yeay, lupa nak inform

Package lunch buffet kat sini adalah RM60++  only including tax.

Murah sangat untuk orang berperut begini.

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terus rasa lapar ni ;)