Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pizza San Francisco, The Mines.

Salam and morning you alls!

I'm gonna make this quick, coz I have lot of tasks need to be done today. Yess, today!

So, food review for this week is SAN FRANCISCO PIZZA, THE MINES.

Feeling Francisco now hah?

 Linguine Salmon RM18.90

 Another spaghetti? Yes, this is Ireland Chicken RM16.90

 Cold chocolate RM6.90

 Lime special RM5.90

I was happy coz I was with my bff talking and laughing at anything.
But not totally happy with the food and services.

The waiters are all good, plus the chef but why did the chinese supervisor, I mean the nyonya one keep on scolding the waiters?

I hate eating at a good place but listening to the annoying 'noise' from the back door. Duh!

Actually the food are ALL so-so only. Maybe different taste from other SF restaurant, but not this one. Never going back and never suggest to any friends.


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