Monday, September 19, 2011

Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson.

Morning people!

Hari ni saya nak buat review tentang resort which I stayed for my Ladies Trip last Friday. So, seems namanya review, so mesti ada baik and buruknya. So enjoy!

Start with LOCATION. Locationnya cukup senang, after tol PD tu, akan jumpa simpang 4 with traffic light , ambil kanan. Then jumpa junction with traffic light. Ambil kiri and go straight until you reach Bayu Beach Resort (BBR) at your right. Terus ada post guard.

Second part is - RATES. See below to see more.

Room Category
Tariff Rate
Weekend/Peak Period
Breakfast (Pax)
Studio Room
RM 180 .00
RM 270.00
Family Deluxe Room
RM 250.00
RM 390.00
Family Premium Room
RM 320.00
RM 470.00
Deluxe 1 Bedroom
RM 180.00
RM 270.00
Deluxe 2 Bedroom
RM 290.00
RM 440.00
Deluxe 3 Bedroom
RM 420.00
RM 640.00
Extra Bed / Unit / Night
RM 50.00
RM 50.00
Extra Mattress / Unit / Night
RM 40.00
RM 40.00
* All rates are inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% government tax* Complimentary breakfast is provided according to room category.

Special rate for govt staff. Masa saya pergi tu, since along is a teacher, so harga for our apartment is RM220 per night. You can choose either you want hotel room or apartment. 

 Checking in.

The lobby is quite big, enough for my nephew to play and running even though the lobby tak berapa exclusive macam hotel-hotel lain yang saya pernah pergi.

So, first time masuk dalam apartment, saya agak terpesona dengan their private beach which close to our apartment.

Walaupun, saya kurang bersetuju dengan jenis sofa yang diberikan. Kalau owner apartment ni dapat provide a comfy sofa, would be better :)

Walaupun bukan sofa, but still fit to these two beloved person of mine :)

Bedroom is so-so. Ada dressing table and bed lamp plus comfy bed.

The balcony memang okay sebab dekat dengan beach, but we noticed that the green wood yang menghalang people from jatuh adalah rapuh and ada some nails yang dah pulled out.


From my opinion, hotel management should be more alert especially about the privacy which kalau boleh guardkan lagi every 'pintu masuk' to the beach sebab maybe people yang bukan hotel guests also can go to the private beach easily due to lack of kawalan from hotel management.

Walaupun macam tu, saya happy dengan suasana yang damai kat pantai tu sebab the scenery was all good :)

You can not see sunrise here but the sunset was owesome :)

The fourth : RESTAURANT

The restaurant okaylah dengan poolside view, but not the food.
The foods are not variety, no cococrunch (I mean dairy thingy), only the watermelon, no fried rice and the scramble egg was bad :(

 My nephew mengamuk, maybe sebab no cococrunch served?


Walau macam mana ramai sekalipun hotel guest, tapi saya dapat ramalkan parking mesti cukup sebab kawasan parking is HUGE.

And besides from all above, ada banyak facilities lain yang you all boleh treasure like gym, sauna, bbq etc.


Bayu Beach Resort

4½ Miles, Jalan Pantai
71050 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus
Tel: (6) 06-6473 703
Fax: (6) 06-6472 507

For Reservation: or
For Banquet Sales: or

Kindly visit Bayu Beach Resort website for more.

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