Friday, April 16, 2010

Philippine paradise.

Hi everyone!

I am very interested to join my family having their vacation of the year here, in Philippine. So, here what I am interested of.

Philippine has 7107 islands to explore!
These are only among the best scenery.

Enjoy viewing!

 Boracay Island, Aklan.

Monaco de Boracay Resorts, Boracay Island.

Pinatubo Volcano Crater Lake, Zambales.

Pearl Farm, Samal Island, Davao.

Mayon Volcano, Albay. (The most perfect cone shaped mountain in the world)

Batanes Island, Northen Philipines.

El Nido Bay, Palawan.

 Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay.

3rd largest mall in the world.

Mekati Central Business District, Mekati City.

See? I told ya'!

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Sherry said...

nice u know where you wan go :D