Monday, June 22, 2009

Langkawi getaway~

February 2007
Our trips to Langkawi have involved the four Cs – Chalet, Car, Curiosity, Cash money. The ride from the Kuala Perlis jetty is taking over half an hour. The ticket is RM 15. We finally arrive at Kuah, Langkawi at 9.30 pm and at that time dah terasa mabuk laut. Pelik sebab before this tak penah pun mabuk laut sebab dari kecik dah biase naik kapal besar (since my dad once a navy..) tapi at last we figure out the cause of that…we are too tired and consequently we fall asleep mase dalam ferry…As we take our first step I feel like I oredi eat a bunch of joys to my mouth and happily big goodbye to the urban world. Tapi feelnye tak same macam kat Redang Island and Perhentian… I miss those time lots..

We rent a car for RM 40 per day. Thank God my best fren Iera can drives any car manually. The guy who help us find the cheap chalet drive us to our chalet. Welcome to Green Hill…The chalet as cheap as my necklace..RM 35 per day. We didn't need any room with air conditioner since we are not a couple or laki bini that must hug to each other all the nite long… Cukup untuk tukar baju, mandi pun dah cukup..
So after dah ready to start our next step, kitorang pun terus ke tempat paling best kat langkawi I guess..naik cable car!! The price for the ride is RM 14. We wonder what is the interesting thing inside this ride is. Fortunately, tak ramai orang, so we easily get the ride..huhu…Maybe cable car kat genting tu yang the longest kan, tapi percayalah padaku yang kat Langkawi yang tercuram. Gayat jugak tapi rase best bile nampak semua pemandangan dari atas…Indahnya ciptaan Tuhan..

About sejam kitorang kat sane, then dalam pukul 4 pm, kitorang terus g makan kat Kuah. Pelik sebab tak rase lapar dari pagi. Kuat betul penangan roti arab kat Kuala Perlis tu…
Then we headed to our chalet…and took a nap. The first uniqueness of Langkawi as the westest island ( donno what is the suitable word to show yang paling ke barat) at Malaysia ialah…pukul 8 pm kat sane cam 6.30 kat KL. Still warm and cerah je..I love it.
Kitorang bersiap to have our dinner-lepaking at the beach. Sandy Beach Resort that placed just few meters from our resort have the best dinner place instead. Tapi disebabkan still kekenyangan, so we just ordered juices and some fries… I was fallin in love with the honeydew juice as I took the 1st slurp…we can hear the great waves crashing as we have our light dinner. How peaceful it was…*receptionist Sandy Beach pay our drink..*hehhee…and asking my number!
At nite, Cenang beach is unbelievable sexy, what with mild incense wafting through the air and the resort is seductive low-lighting and modern architecture. It drivesme to ask myself the questions I ask when I see the night sky, and I concentrate a bit on the sky and I say "wow! We are realy small!"The nite cold wind blew our feeling away, away from our assignment, Prof's faces, Project here and there and our love life problem… We ended up our 1st day at 11 pm…

Nasib kitorang tak amek bilik yang ade air cond sebab me and Iera meringkuk kat dalam blanket even we didn't switch on our fan…Sejuk giler!! Yess…2nd thing of the uniqueness about Langkawi. No middle weather. Either humid or goddamn cold… The price of being one with nature! We head to the Green Hill restaurant and eat too much breakfast. I tell myself I need the energy for our 2nd trip…
Green Hill Resort is situated beside the Underwater World. And kitorang berkesempatanla nak tengok Le Tour De eyeing to us. Ye la asyik nak bergambar sane sini je. Pelancong la katakan. We say goodbye to grand Le Tour de Langkawi

Then…forward to Kg Hangat. Nothing much there tapi ade tempat untuk buat urutan kaki, rendam kaki dalam air panas and all of that. After few minutes there, we went to art museum... Kat sini we have our own chill-out, look at the kraftangan art, batik, songket…take lots of pictures. Bile dah tour semua tempat tu, last2 ade orang tegur kitorang yang tempat ni sebenarnye tak leh amek ape lagi, kitorang angkat kaki la...

We went to Pasir Hitam on da way to Tg Rhu makan laksa and air cincau. Angin dahsyat kuat…sampai boleh terbalik laksa tu. Tapi yang marvelousnye, kesedapan laksa tu tak boleh dinafikan.. I'm in love duh…In under an hour, we open the doors to yet another breathtakingly beautiful beach. The beach is inviting…we just stay there till the dawn..The sun is setting…This is the highlight of my holiday- Balik je bilik, terus letak kepala kat bantal and struggling with the chill of the nite… Well, I cant wait to see the beach in early in the morning…

Layan laksa and cincau cedapp!

Kat bawah ni semua pics at Tg Rhu.

At 11 am, I make my way without Iera to the beach where I experience that "Oh, My God" can hardly describe my awe at the surroundings. Bulan telah pun menyamar jadi matahari dengan berada di suatu sudut yang sangat molek…peacefully, calmly there…
Air pantainye sejuk..Bestnye kalau dapat mandi laut . But that was my disappointment having my holiday dis time…I got an 'ABC' on my first day here…(ABC stand for Allah Bagi Cuti )…we stay longer at this sexy beach before we left Langkawi.. gonna miss all of this..yess! I miss it oredi ma….

Before we return the rent car, we went to Kuah town. I hear it costs way less to buy chocolate and gamat here so we off to the shops. We went to one shop after another…Biasela pompuan, kat mane2 pun tak tinggalnye shopping.ngehngeh…
Our ferry is at 2 pm so we went shopping at the terminal, looking for some jewelers. I bought a long necklace, and Iera bought 2 earrings…
We passed the kastam with lots of laughter...kastam tu siap bagi kitorang rambutan lagi as a souvenir maybe..hehe…betulla, my prediction, orang utara baik2…The last uniqueness of Langkawi is the lack of anak dara here. Eyh orang Langkawi sorok anak dara diorang eh?
Sampai je Kuala Perlis, we went to Bukit Ayer…bought an ice cream( never leave this wherever I go duh…)..Then we head to makan seafood with my ex matriks fren…ikan bakaq, kerang bakaq, sotong goring tepung, samabl belacan, tomyam…yummy!!
After that, we split because Iera will stay at her aunty's house near the KTM, and I will be staying at Uitm Arau..
I went to kangaq with Mat Kong…Nothing much there but peacefully Perlis, as it used to be…I bought bling2 to my handsets..both, meriah sket nampak.hehhee..
At 6 o clock…the train to KL Central moved, leave all the joys and memories which belongs to me…

My Langkawi address book :
ü Green Hill Resort , (lot 972 pantai tengah , mukim kedawang, 07000, langkawi kedah ; 04-9551935)
ü Perniagaan Haji Ismail Group ( No. 23, 25, 27 , Jalan Pandak Mayah 6, Kuah 07000, Langkawi Kedah ; 04-9669397)
ü Labuan Express ( No. 2B, Pekan Baru Kuah , Jalan Penarak, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah ; 04-9665889)
ü Mahsuri Travel & Tours (T-8S, Jetty Point Complex, Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah ; 04-9660118)
ü Cable Car
ü Gamat (0126230441)
ü Air hangat village (56,km 16 jalan air hangat , 07000 langkawi, kedah ; 049591357)


muiz said...

Kite pun bulan Mac aritu pergi langkawi tak update lagi kat blog. Kita tak sangka ada juga kaum hawa yg boleh duduk chalet yg murah , ingat kan nak mcm hotel jer hehehhe.

Anyway , Kite pergi dua org juga tp sewa motosikal .Tempat yg sepatutyna contohnyer Island Hoping , rasanyer rugi kalu tak pergi.

Tanjung Rhu sebenarnya pantai yg cantik compare to Chenang , and depan pantai tu ada pulau boleh lintas tp kena waktu air surut.

Tp kenapa takde org nak belanja kita yer minum hehhehe

Lady B said...

a,ah..lupe nak cerita tentang pulau yang boleh lintas tu..kite pergi 2 kali langkawi terus bohsan

btw, kali kedua kite pergi baru duduk hotel..
n kite adelah jenis budak perempuan yang tak kesah backpackers as long as i'm enjoying myself..
tak perlu 'mewah' utk heppy!

Fina Fento said...

rasanya yang Kg Hangat tu awak maksudkan Kg Ayer Hangat kot..heehee