Sunday, May 20, 2012

Borbie the cheese potato and Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung

 Borbie the cheese potato
Located at The Mines, beside the Sweet Chat

You can choose any flavour for the fries.. My friend choose to have satay and me choose to have cheese. Delicious!

You can also choose the flavour for the cheese potato.

Me choose to have pepperoni something.

Mujib choose to have Hawaiian something.

Fries, cheese potato and a cup of ice lemon tea cost RM11.50.


Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung
Located at Presint Diplomatik Putrajaya.

Even though there are not plenty of food to choose, but still it does make difficulty to Dayah.

Sotong tepung goreng blackpepper RM7.90

Tomyam Kung sederhana RM15.90

Kung Brocolli RM7.90

Teh o ais RM1.60

Sirap soda RM2.90

Lai Chi Kang RM3.00

My opinion is, walaupun makanan rasanya so-so je, and harga agak mahal la dengan rasa, but still 


Ada wifi laju here, and the environment is good.

Okay, that's all for today, have a great Monday! 

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