Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amarin Heavenly Thai

Few weeks ago, me and Ann ada planning shopping at Mid Valley and I started to browse online just to list down all the good restaurant for lunchy.

So, we went to Amarin Heavenly Thai, 2nd floor Mid Valley Megamall.

 Sorry ya, pakai camera phone je. Tempat romantic macam ni memang terukla quality gambar. 

The menu. Awesomeness!

 But the food quality adalah terbaik! See Ann's expression is enough.

We choose to have

All time favourite Green curry chicken ( RM16) – the chicken slices came with brinjals and long bean, the gravy was very rich and aromatic.

Asparagus with garlic (RM18) 

Favourite watermelon lychee. 


Oh wait! Something missing here! Ann's dessert!

I must accidentally delete it form my lappy :(

The waiters are warm and friendly. The interior are all good. You also can bring your family here for birthday! All staffs will definitely sing for you with guitar!

Have a good day ahead peeps!

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