Monday, January 24, 2011

Lemon Grass @ Mines.

Okay, we went out last Sunday to The Mines because of having a nightmare which is about the damn-new -hobby-ever. The nearest mall which have the Toy City store beside Alamanda is The Mines. Eh, Alamanda is going to have Toys R Us right later on?

So, after buying and shopping here and there, it was a good day to start with some new foods for my stomach since I didn't cook as well for a long time.  Ngee..


It is one of the self-service cafe here, so don't hope for the waiter to come to you. You queue, you order, you buy and take the foods with you.So, these are my choices :

 Cincau Coffee.

Nasi kuning special with sambal sotong.

And these are Ayu's choices :

 Nasi wangi with chicken chop.

 Lemongrass juice.

There you are. Thank you.


dilaOHdila said...

nampak macam menarek, nak try lah kat sini nanti...
Gambar pun shuntek

Anonymous said...


klu blh letak la harga skali..


senang nk tgk budget..